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Melanie M. Parks


About Me:

As the Founder and CEO of Lend A Helping Hand Healthcare Advocates, Melanie M. Parks, MSN RN BCPA, brings her wealth of expertise to those who find themselves overwhelmed and bewildered by illness or the complexities of the healthcare system.

Originally hailing from Massachusetts and now operating out of Atlanta, Melanie is a dedicated private professional healthcare advocate with a multifaceted background in nursing, hospice and palliative care, inpatient case management, and health insurance plans. She obtained both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Chamberlain College of Nursing.

With over a decade of hands-on experience, Melanie deftly navigates the intricacies of the healthcare system, exuding confidence and efficiency. She takes pride in addressing the specific needs and concerns of the aging population, their adult caregivers, and other clients.


Melanie's mission is to provide patients and families with the space to concentrate on the patient's well-being and support one another emotionally and physically, all while extending her guiding hand through the healthcare maze. Through her profound knowledge, unwavering passion, and steadfast dedication, Melanie is steadfastly committed to aiding individuals in navigating the tumultuous world of healthcare.

"When we think of a job we think of work. When we think of the word work we think of ethic. The common separation between a good work ethic and a poor one is passion. When a person’s performance is executed with passion, they demonstrate what it takes to exceed the previous boundaries of expectation. They show signs of strive toward growth and improvement in themselves and their environment. Melanie Parks is the poster child for these traits. It is her driving force to stride toward the best possible outcomes whether it is in a professional or personal environment. Melanie is a go-getter, not just because it’s what she’s trained to do, but because that is how her brain is wired."

-Brandon C

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56 Perimeter Center E, Ste 150

Atlanta, GA 30346-2296  |  617-438-1720

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  • How can you help me?
    Patient advocates assist clients in gaining access to necessary health care services, to speak for themselves and own their voice, advocate for their rights, participate in making decisions about their care options, gain awareness of their health insurance benefits, and become empowered as owners of their health status and well-being. Your advocate will work with and for you to assist in learning how to navigate the complicated healthcare system, helping you become informed and empowered to actively participate in your care plan.
  • Benefits of an Advocate?
    Patient advocates strive to assist with their clients' needs, so patients and their families can focus on health and healing. You can expect to make fewer phone calls, which means less stress and more time for you and your family. We help make appointments, obtain reports and facilitate information sharing with other physicians and caregivers to save you time and money. Family can have a sense of relief knowing that their loved one, who lives in another state or around the corner is being represented by some who's allegiance is to the client.
  • Can you go to the doctor or hospital with me?
    Yes, I can attend your medical appointments, however, my car insurance does not allow me to drive clients in my vehicle, so I will need to meet you there. I do have the resources to help facilitate transportation with a car service or non-emergent medical transfer.
  • What are your fees?
    Let's discuss your needs. A brief initial consultation will help to determine your healthcare needs and services available. If mutually agreed to move forward, we'll meet for a comprehensive assessment and develop a working plan that's right for you. The cost of services depends on each client’s individual needs and the time involved in their care. Costs can be structured by the hour or by the service offered, and monthly packages are available. Call 617-438-1720 for more information.
  • Do you work with out of state clients?
    Services are primarily provided remotely, providing services to families who are not local to their loved ones in need. In-person services are provided in Metro Atlanta and it's surrounding communities. Depending on your needs, services can be provided in-person, via phone, email, and most face-to-face technology (i.e. Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime). There may be times where I need to work with you and your loved ones in person. However, some clients may have needs for their elderly parents or extended family members who live away from them. Please call for a free consultation to discuss your needs, every situation is unique and there are many options.
  • How do you protect your clients’ privacy and health information?
    All documents that contain client protected health information are stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based application. Otherwise, you determine the best form of communication based on your needs. Client information is not discussed with anyone other than the client, unless given verbal or written consent. This includes client family members who may pay for the services. Below you will find the Health Advocate's Code of conduct and Professional Standards abided.
  • Can you provide me with medical advice since you are a nurse?
    Services are provided based on years of medical experience and expertise to help guide you through the often complicated and confusing healthcare system and to provide you with information that will empower you to access to the highest quality care. My clinical background has also provided me with the knowledge to act as a medical interpreter so you can better understand the diagnosis, tests, and treatments that are presented. However, as per the Ethical Standards of Patient Advocacy, I cannot provide medical advice. Instead, your physicians and other members of your healthcare team will provide you with medical advice.
  • Can a healthcare advocate be swayed by doctors?
    An Advocates allegiance is to their client and not any external healthcare organization (hospital, insurance company, etc.). Patient advocates do not make decisions for their clients, rather they make them aware of their options, while providing the background knowledge for a better understanding of the healthcare system. You are guided to ask the right questions, seek answers, and secure reliable resources to address your needs.
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